<transcy>Electric car charging instructions</transcy>

<transcy>Charger types: slow, fast and mega fast</transcy>

EV (electric vehicle) charging points are divided into three main types: slow, fast and mega-fast. They are distinguished by how fast they can charge your car, offering maximum output power. Let's look at them one by one.

<transcy>Slow chargers</transcy>

Charging may take a little longer, but slow chargers are arguably the easiest and most convenient way to charge your vehicle.

Slow charging is ideal for home use - slow charging points are also what are usually found in workplaces.
Slow charging devices are called connected. This means that you need a cable to connect the car to the charging station. Most electrical appliances have a cable that you simply plug into a standard electrical outlet and have a charging frequency of 3 kW.
The slow charge rate is between 2.3 and 3 kW, depending on the location. When charging at home via a 3-pin plug, your car typically consumes 2.3 kW (10 A) of energy.

In the case of slow charging, the time required to reach 100% may vary depending on the charging unit and the EV being charged - but it will usually take about 10-14 hours to fully charge a 3 kW device. And for cars with a larger battery, this may take even longer, especially if the battery in the electric car is empty.

<transcy><p>Fast chargers</p></transcy>

The 7kW quick charger can fully charge your electric car battery in about 4-6 hours, while the 22kW charger can do the job in a few hours.
Of course, fast charging is much faster than slow charging. And if you're out somewhere and plan to leave your car for a while, it's really the perfect solution for charging when your electric car needs recharging.

<transcy>Rapid chargers</transcy>

Fast chargers use high-power DC or AC power to charge the car as quickly as possible. They can fully charge an electric car for 80-30 minutes (the last 20% usually take another 20 minutes).

It's worth noting that they use a lot of energy - so you can't install it at home. Instead, you can find them at highway stations and other public charging points.

<transcy>About us</transcy>

Laadimiskeskus OÜ offers its customers everything necessary for charging an electric car. In addition to standard chargers, we offer OCPP chargers that allow you to connect the charger to a mobile payment environment or administrative monitoring, as well as dynamic charging systems designed for smart load balancing of the building's charging network.