Shipping policy

4. Delivery conditions

4.1. By default, the goods are delivered only on the territory of the Republic of Estonia and the delivery is carried out in accordance with the law applicable in the Republic of Estonia. Delivery of products in stock is 2-3 business days. Supplies outside the Republic of Estonia will only be held by agreement with the customer.
4.2. If the buyer wishes to deliver the accelerated delivery, the buyer shall bear the costs of accelerated delivery (express mail service and other services). In other cases, the cost of delivery is borne by the party to whom the obligation to make such a payment is committed in the Internet. If the delivery costs are borne by the buyer, the corresponding price is also indicated in the order of goods.
4.3. The seller is solely decided in which way it is the most convenient delivery of the goods.
4.4. When the goods are ready for expulsion, the seller sends a written message (by e-mail or SMS), indicating the time of delivery of the expected goods. The seller has an obligation to deliver the goods within a reasonable time after the purchase of the expected delivery of the goods to the buyer and the buyer is obliged to accept the goods without delay.
4.5. Random loss of goods and / or damage to the rice office and other related rice, the buyer is transferred to the purchaser of the transfer of the possession of the delivery at the destination. If the Seller is not able to transfer goods to the buyer for the buyer, the rice chest and / or damage to the rice of the goods and the other related rice, the seller has duly completed the obligation to deliver its goods to the buyer.
4.6. The buyer is obliged to review them thoroughly after receiving the goods and verify that all its parts are undamaged and meet the order. The buyer shall immediately fix the consignment in writing (accompanying document), all errors that indicate the damage to the goods during the delivery, but also other visible non-conformities noticed or should have noticed or to be noticed upon receipt of the goods, and immediately notifies the seller. In the case of other errors or non-conformities, the purchaser shall be entitled to claim claims only if such requirements are submitted to the seller in writing (e-mail) within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the goods. If the buyer violates the provisions of paragraph 4.6, the seller is entitled to refuse to accept the buyer's claims with regard to the delivery of goods or their delivery. In order to avoid doubt, it is appropriate to clarify that this point does not apply to consumers.
4.7 Without prejudice to the provisions of 10, the buyer ordered the goods shall not be refundable, reimbursed or replaceable.
4.8 If the ordered goods cannot be delivered in connection with the end of the goods or for any other reason, the buyer shall be informed as soon as possible and the money paid (including the cost of service of the goods) shall be refunded without delay, but not later than 14 days of notification.